Scrubbing Hands, Inc. - We keep your home sparkling clean!
Have you ever felt that life was too short to spend time cleaning? 
Valuable free time should not be spent cleaning your home or office. Scrubbing Hands, Inc., providing quality cleaning services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, will allow you to utilize your free time in more pleasurable and meaningful ways.
Providing a cleaning service with our experienced, hard working and honest staff, Scrubbing Hands, Inc. will make sure all of the scrubbing is done for you while you enjoy peace of mind knowing your home and office are professionally cleaned and sanitized.
We are here to clean so you don't have to! Call today for a free, no-obligation estimate and start planning what you will do with your free time! 
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Residential or commercial cleaning
Scrubbing Hands, Inc. provides a wide range of services to cover all needs:
  • Residential/House cleaning - including post remodeling, construction, move-in & move-out cleanup
  • Apartment cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Common-Areas
  • Spring cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Commercial cleaning
                           And much more!
   **We are pet-friendly!**
If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to let us know! We will do our best to accommodate you!