Scrubbing Hands, Inc. - We keep your home sparkling clean!
Scrubbing Hands, Inc. is here for you.
Our mission: to remove the burden of cleaning responsibilities to ensure that our customers have more time to spend as they please, at the same time enjoying our service which will provide a healthy, clean environment.
We are here because we want to be! Our employees are experienced, honest and motivated. Selected with care, each employee is trained about the products we use and our services.
Scrubbing Hands, Inc. prides itself on an excellent record of quality cleaning services. 
Contact us today and become another one of our very satisfied clients!
Professional staff sanitizing
A Clean Home is a Healthy Home.
Each cleaning is customized to meet your needs. No short-cuts are taken to make sure you are satisfied with each cleaning.
Scrubbing Hands, Inc. offers its services to meet your schedule. Whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or special occasion, we strive to accommodate every request.